Fitness Centers

Here at the Kennebec Valley YMCA, we are proud to offer a variety of equipment in our fitness centers to accommodate all skill and comfort levels including:

  • Treadmills
  • Ellipticals
  • Stair Masters and Climbers
  • Free weights (over 250 lbs.)
  • Resistance Trainers
  • Fitness balls
  • Kettle bells
  • Indoor tracks
  • Recumbent bikes
  • Upright bikes
  • Row machines
  • NEW Cycling Room

We offer a variety of personal training services to Kennebec Valley YMCA members for ongoing guidance and support, extra motivation and inspiration to achieve goals and get results. Our services range from body composition testing and one-hour consults, to more extensive training packages such as Coached Workouts and Sports Specific Training. We also offer buddy system and small group training options to save you money.

All of our personal training options are listed below, or you may pick up a copy of our personal training brochure at the Membership Services desk.

To schedule an appointment with one of our trainers, or to see how we can customize our services to accommodate your goals, please contact Chris Vashon, View our personal training brochure by clicking the button below.


Kim Gagne is a WITS personal trainer, certified YMCA Group Exercise Instructor, and aqua fitness instructor. She focuses on weight loss by increasing flexibility and strength. Gagne also serves as an active trainer in the Lose it With the Y program.

Trish Hanley-Goodwin is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a master's degree in exercise science, and several group exercise instructor certifications (ACE, ISCA, AFPAI, and Lemond Cycling). Hanley-Goodwin loves to inspire people to move in ways that matter and make the most of their workouts, which she exemplifies through personal training and her "signature" group exercise class, “Masterblast”, Saturday mornings at the Manchester Campus.

Chris Vashon is a WITS personal trainer with an athletic background. He focuses on athletic performance training through the use of explosive movements, weight training and circuits. Vashon has proven success in group training as an active trainer in the Lose it With the Y program.


FREE Fitness Center Orientations and/or Consults

As a member of the Kennebec Valley YMCA, we encourage you to take advantage of a complimentary equipment orientation to our Fitness Centers so you can feel confident that you will be using the cardio and strength training machines safely and effectively. We provide charts for seat measurements, recommended starting weights and/or reminders on proper form are provided for a safe and effective total body training program with each consultation.

Our fitness staff is also available to consult with you by appointment to determine the best combination of activities to pursue at the Kennebec Valley YMCA depending on your goals and your health history. Your Y offers two pools and more than 70 FREE group exercise classes each week. This can be overwhelming at first, and we would like to spend some time with you to help you sort out what would be best for you and your schedule. Please see our friendly staff at the Membership Services Desk, or call (207) 622-9622 to schedule an appointment today!

FREE Fitness Pre-Testing:

These tests include range of motion, upper and lower body strength, and cardio vascular health.

*This service is also included in our Total Body Training Design, Coached Workout or Sports Specific Training packages.

Body Fat Testing & Girth Measurements: $15

Skin fold caliper testing (3-site formula) and/or hand-held electronic testing, plus girth/tape measurements are available by private appointment. These establish a baseline for you to compare yourself to yourself over time, and are a good way to track inches lost beyond what the scale says! One-time fee allows you to come back and be re-tested (we recommend no more than every three months, at the most).

One-Hour Consults: $60

This is a great option if you are looking to tune up your workout, get some new ideas for further results, have specific areas you'd like guidance on, or learn how to work with free weight!

Coached Workouts: $159 (8 half-hour sessions); $279 (15 half-hour sessions); $239(6 one-hour sessions)

½-Hour Coached Workouts
Ideal for those who want to make the most of their limited time under the guidance of a motivational and inspirational coach, and who want a lot of variety! Great results when combined with your own fitness regimen.
"Buddy System Offer:" Save 30% by training with a partner! Full Members $119 each person.

1-Hour Coached Workouts
Geared to the client with more time in his/her schedule to train, given training goals and interests, and also for those who want coaching through both cardio activities and strength exercises, combined in their appointments.

Total Body Training Design: $119

Best package for entry-level exercisers looking to get organized with their total body weight training program and to continue the work on their own. Fee includes initial consult, fitness pre-testing, body fat/girth measurements, an assisted training session, and complete program write-up (plan on a 2.5 hour appointment).

Small Group Training: $140/person for (6) one-hour sessions

Reduce the cost of hiring a personal trainer and enjoy the camaraderie of small group training (3 to 5 people). Workouts can include cardio, interval training, and/or strength and toning plus core floor work.

TRX Suspension Training (Members Only):

TRX Suspension training was designed to help strengthen all muscle groups in the body. It works well for rehab, speed and agility training. TRX targets your core during all exercises. If you are looking for a way to tighten the body, trim down body fat, and enhance your flexibility TRX is for you! To set up your TRX training sessions please contact Chris Vashon, *TRX packages include TRX training only.

Available Trainers for TRX:
Chris Vashon

Single Person:
1-30 minute session: $15
5– 30 minute sessions: $65

Group Rate— Must have at least 3 minimum/ 5 maximum
1-30 minute session: $40 for whole group
5– 30 minute sessions: $175 for whole group